Trademark Search

Just because a brand uses trademark symbols such as TM does not mean the mark is registered. This trademark search checks directly at the UK trademark register whether a name is already registered. However, computerised searches are not always reliable, and due to the nature of trademark law this is just very basic risk management.  Buy an evaluation for a legal opinion on the search results, and more guidance. As  registrations can be cancelled don’t register a trademark unless you are sure that you would not  be infringing on someone else’s rights.  For anyone doing business online it makes sense to also commission searches of other countries’ registers worldwide. We help with such wider searches if you buy an evaluation.

If it’s your logo you are interested in protecting, use this tool to carry out a search of any wording included in your logo, and read about how to register a logo.

WARNING:Read our trademark guide before taking any action in reliance on these results


Thank you for registering our trade mark. The service we received exceeded my expectations, and I appreciated the clear pricing and prompt handling of my matter. I highly recommend Azrights.

Dave Smith, Hydrotech Solutions Limited
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