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Trademark Registration


Azrights stands out as a firm with the ability to give clear explanations, and explain complex issues in trade mark and copyright law in a very straightforward way. They completed the work on time, and we were pleased with the results. A first class service, with legal terms explained in a clear and efficient manner. Read more…

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Stars Gyms Ltd

Case studies

Our client, a fashion designer, had not registered her name and distinctive logo as a trade mark when she was approached with requests to licence her designs. Read more…

Trademark registration is the way to protect the goodwill attaching to your name. It is the way to own your brand, stop competitors using it, and avoid infringing on the rights of others.
Registering a trademark avoids potential costs that arise when two businesses use the same branding. It significantly reduces the risk of disruption and expensive legal challenges. However, it is important to ensure your business is properly protected as the quality of the registration will impact your rights. Some points to bear in mind about trademark registration:

  • Incorporating a company or registering a domain does NOT give you the rights you need over a name.
  • Trademark registration is the most reliable way to secure rights in your names, taglines and logos.
  • Your name or logo must be “distinctive”. Speak to a lawyer to find out whether trademark registration is an option.
  • Trademark registration is territorial which means you are only protected in specific countries in which you register. We will help you to work out whether a trademark in the UK or Europe would be the best starting point for you.
  • There is no such thing as a worldwide trademark. However, it is possible to obtain international protection – just let us know that you are interested in international trademark registration and we will explain your options.
  • Trademark registration protects your brand for the specific goods and services sold by your business which is why it is possible for businesses to share a name.

To proceed to register a trademark you should first:

  1. Check that the name or logo you are registering is available. The starting point is to use our free search facility.
  2. Consider the trademark registration fees involved so you can decide whether to register a UK or EU trademark.
  3. Be ready to describe what your business does and which products and services it will sell. This will be reflected in the scope of the trademark we file for you.

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