Trademark Lawyers

Trademark lawyers are as important to your branding as a property lawyer is to your house move.  Just as real estate is valuable property, so is a trademark.

Our trademark lawyers offer far more than just ensuring your application meets the requirements for registration and is adequate to protect your interests.  We will advise you of ways to protect your brand internationally, keep you informed of other intellectual property rights which might be relevant, and explain how to maintain your registration and protect your brand in future.

When you use Azrights, you can expect:

Fair, fixed prices

Our trademark lawyers make your registration experience easy without cutting corners.  They understand businesses of all sizes, and unlike traditional firms, we don’t charge hourly rates.

A simple, fast and professional service

You can expect a thorough approach from our trademark lawyers, who will help you to register your trademark correctly, so your business is properly covered.

Peace of mind

Your brand deserves the best. Our qualified trademark lawyers will oversee your application all the way through to registration without any additional charges, unless there are objections or oppositions.

How does it work?

Your don’t need to understand the law to register a trademark with us.  We make the process easy.

Simply let us know what trademark you would like to register, and whether you would like to register in the UK (if your customers are only based in the UK), or throughout the EU including the UK (if you sell online, or have customers elsewhere in Europe), and buy online.

We’ll send you a simple form to complete to find out how you intend to use your trademark, and advise you of the different categories (or “Classes”) you need to cover based on your answers.  We also carry out a basic trademark search, to identify any clear obstacles in advance, and let you know whether other searches might be worthwhile.

Once we have drafted your trademark application, we send it to you for approval before filing it. Although most applications filed by our trademark lawyers sail through to registration, trademarks can encounter problems along the way.

If this does happen, we’ll let you know in advance what is involved to deal with them, so you don’t receive any unexpected invoices.  If there are straightforward queries from the registry about the wording used to describe your plans, we help you to overcome them with an initial response, without further expense.

What’s Next?

Get started with a free trademark search or, if you are ready to protect your brand: