Legally Branded

Every successful business starts out small.  To join the ranks of the viable, established businesses of the future the founders need to get a lot of things right, among them the brand.  Yet the concept of ‘brand’ and the applicable law are frequently misunderstood, and present a trap for the unwary.  Names, and trademarks including how to protect logos, and strap lines are surprisingly complex.  Yet these are of central relevance to protection of the business itself.

Noticing that there was a gap in the market for accessible information in this area for SMEs and their branding and web designer advisers, Shireen Smith decided to write a book to address the problem.  The result was Legally Branded, a best selling book available on Amazon.

The book explains what a brand is, and that no business is too small to be a brand.  There are many aspects of brand law to be aware of, such as copyright and internet laws relating to websites, and social media, digital word of mouth, and reputation management.

Download the first chapter now to try before you buy.  The chapter discusses that essentially being a brand involves having a reputation for delivering on a certain promise. For a small business it could mean being the ‘go to’ source for something that the business uniquely provides. We live in increasingly competitive times, and achieving brand status is often the only way to attract enough business.

Armed with the information in this book entrepreneurs and small business owners will be better placed to understand the risks and opportunities, in order to set their businesses up on solid foundations, ready for success.