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If you need fast effective advice on an issue that has arisen, but are unsure of the best strategy to adopt, buy this service for a little guidance that can go a long way.

Certain situations don’t merit comprehensive legal assistance, because the amount at stake is just too low. Whether you may have a case to answer or argue, or whether you are within your rights to pursue a certain course of action. You might be unsure whether you own your work, or perhaps whether you should sign an agreement someone has given you.

We will review documentation relevant to your issue provided that it is not extensive, and take a view before fixing up a time for a paralegal or solicitor to discuss the matter with you in a short telephone conversation. During the consultation we will suggest what you can do yourself to try and resolve the issue, and where appropriate take a quick look to comment on a response you might prepare, for example to a letter you have received, though to draft a letter or document ourselves will be a separate piece of work.


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