How Much Does A Trademark Cost

Price will be an important factor for many business owners choosing a service provider.  But do check what the price actually covers, as registering a trademark takes a few months from the day you instruct someone to when you have the certificate in your hand.

Unfortunately, the cost of trademark registration can be confusing, with some businesses quoting official fees separately, and others wrapping them into the price.

Some trademark agents expect you to receive, review and action letters or reports from the registry yourself, and will simply file your application.  Then they will charge you just to look at any correspondence you receive from the Registry.  So it can be difficult to get a straight answer if you ask how much does a trademark cost.

On the other hand, our trademark registration prices are clear, fair, and fixed:

  • You can find out in advance what is and is not covered by the service you buy
  • We offer a comprehensive service, overseeing your application throughout the process
  • We help you to choose the right trademark classes
  • We won’t charge you for forwarding correspondence from the Registry, and letting you know next steps
  • We promise you won’t receive any surprise invoices, if you decide you would like additional support later on, we’ll agree prices with you in advance before incurring any charges

How much does a trademark cost? Take a look at our trademark registration fees [calculator], or get started now with a free trademark search.