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“Azrights stands out as a firm with the ability to give clear explanations and explain complex issues in trade mark and copyright law in a very straightforward way. They completed the work on time, and we were pleased with the results. A first class service, with legal terms explained in a clear manner.”

Richard Coates

Stars Gyms Ltd

Case Studies

Our client, a fashion designer, had not registered her name and logo as a trade mark when she was approached with requests to licence her designs. We registered her name for a wide range of goods and services to enable her to maximise her brand… READ MORE

Trademark Registration: The Most Common Questions Answered:

Why Do I Need To Register A Trademark?

Trademark registration is the way to own your brand, and avoid infringing rights owned by others. Incorporating a company or registering a domain does NOT give you the necessary exclusive rights. Trademark registration is the most reliable way to secure rights in names, taglines and logos. Failing to register your brand could lead to expensive legal challenges and the cost and disruption of re-branding which could endanger your business.

What do I need to do Before Registration?

You should first consult a qualified professional with the expertise to evaluate your trademark and search the registers. A professional opinion ensures your trademark meets the criteria for registration, and reduces the risk of existing registrations blocking your application. It also alerts you to any registrations which pose a threat even if you succeed in your application, as someone with better rights can apply to cancel your registration.

Where Am I Protected?

Trademark registration is territorial, and only protects you in the countries where you register, so if you use your brand online and have international customers, you need a plan to search registers worldwide and prioritise in which ones to register. The starting point is to file either a UK, or European Community Trade Mark (CTM). The CTM is cost effective as it covers 28 Member States.

What Can I Register?

Your name or logo must be “distinctive”. Seek advice from a lawyer who knows about your business to ensure your trademark is acceptable. We offer a search and evaluation in our estore. Note that trademark registration of a logo does not necessarily protect verbal elements. Generally it is advisable to prioritise registration of your brand name as that is primarily used to identify you and your products.

What Do I Have To Do?

We advise you to first have a professional search and evaluation as part of your trademark registration service. This involves your plans for the brand. Trademark registration entails specifying the particular goods and services you wish your name or logo to be recognized for. Goods and services are grouped together in “classes”. You are likely to need 3 or more classes, though you can buy one and buy more later once we’ve helped you to identify all the classes that apply.

Can I Change My Mind?

Make sure you are happy with the application before it is filed as it is too late to change your mind once the application is put in. There are no refunds for failed applications, and although you can reduce the risks by having more searches, there are never any guarantees with trademarks. However, if you have been well advised and are applying for a name which is worth trademarking, it is well worth the risks to secure a registrations.

What happens once my application is filed?

Trademark registration involves 3 steps: examination, advertisement and registration. First the registry will assess your application to check if it meets their requirements for registration. Next, your trademark is published for 2-3 months so owners of existing rights can consider if there is a conflict with their own marks, and finally it is registered and we will send you your certificate.

Can I Register a WorldWide Trademark?

There is no such thing as a worldwide trademark, however once you have filed an initial UK or EU application, it is possible to extend your protection internationally by basing other applications on this first one. It’s important though to have a well drafted application as your initial one, and we recommend you instruct a professional to do this for you so you are adequately protected.

Where Do I Begin?

To find out more about the way we work, why not take a look at some of the testimonials we receive from satisfied clients: Testimonials.

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