Iconic Brands

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When a brand becomes as iconic as Apple it can get away with potentially reputation damaging incidents which would tarnish a lesser brand.

This article on IPKAT  about how Apple has fared following news of its association with Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer alleged to mistreat its staff,  is interesting for that reason.

According to the IPKAT last month This American Life, an acclaimed radio programme, focused on the harsh working conditions of employees at Foxconn.  The programme was widely distributed as the podcast of the show was downloaded by an extraordinary number of people.  Now it seems the story has been retracted and the parties concerned have given explainations as to why the topic should not have been aired.  In the meantime, Apple has declined to comment at all about the matter and the matter will probably go no further.

I’d love it if any readers know of an example where a brand’s reputation has not been strong enough to withstand the pressure of  an adverse media news report.