When to know you need to rebrand

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The importance of the name you give your business was clearly brought home in an episode of Hotel Inspector about the Hotel Weyanoke in Eastbourne.

A name that is so difficult to spell, or to pronounce is surely a liability. Quite rightly, the owners were persuaded by the Hotel Inspector to choose some alternative names. Surprisingly, they were quite reluctant to do so.              

The owners eventually agreed to choose some new names.  Therefore, WEYANOKE was pitted against names like COAST and EAST BEACH.  People in the streets of Eastbourne were canvassed for their opinion as to which was the better name. WEYANOKE got just one vote, EAST BEACH 33, while COAST came in just behind EAST BEACH.

Being interested in trade marks, I naturally wonder whether trade mark searches affected the decision to opt for EAST BEACH rather than COAST. Did anyone even search the trade mark registers?  I’d love to know.

Interestingly, despite apparently turning around its fortunes since the Hotel Inspector’s visit, the hotel has not bothered to register its new name as a trade mark.