UK Trademark

Trademarks are registered on a country by country basis, so a UK registration protects your business just in the UK. For protection in 28 European countries, register an EU Trademark. Trademarks are registered against classes of goods and services, for more information have a look at our trade mark classification tool.

£300 – UK Trademark Application in 1 Class
  1. Let us know which trademark classes, goods and services you would like to cover
  2. We draft your application for your approval, before we file it with the Registry
  3. Assuming a smooth application, we obtain and send you the certificate
Prices are exclusive of VAT and official fees payable to the Registry (£170 for the first class).

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks set your products and services apart from those of your competitors. Your trademark might be a single word like APPLE, or a series of words, such as ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH. The names of your products and services are also trademarks, for example IPOD, or GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.

Registering a UK trademark gives you powerful rights to prevent unfair competition by your competitors. However, it is important to bear in mind the following:

  • Not all trademarks can be registered, for example, descriptive names cannot generally function as trademarks.
  • Your priority should generally be to own the rights over your brand name, as that is what customers and others will use to refer to your business.
  • You should check that you can use a name, and that it is capable of functioning as a trademark before spending resources on branding and marketing.
  • If you register something which conflicts with earlier rights owned by a 3rd party, they may object to your application, or even apply to have your registration cancelled.

So, we strongly advise against registering your own trademark, and recommend that you use a professional Trademark Service. For more information about trademarks, why not read some of our Trademark FAQs.

How do I register a UK Trademark?

Trademarks are registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office. The process takes between 3-6 months from the date we file your application, assuming that it proceeds smoothly through to registration.

When you purchase a trademark service from us, we begin by finding out more about your plans for the brand and help you decide which trademark classes your application should cover.

Once you have approved it, we submit your application, which passes through two stages

  • Examination

    The Registry will examine your application to decide whether it qualifies for registration. The trademark must be sufficiently distinctive, and not conflict with any existing registrations.
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    Once the examination stage is completed, your trademark is advertised for a period of 2 months so that third parties may come forward if they wish to oppose the application

Assuming that no objections are raised, it is placed in a queue to be registered, and we post you the certificate.

It’s possible to reserve a trademark for up to five years before using it. Once your trademark is registered in the UK, your protection can last indefinitely. You must continue to use it and renew your registration every 10 years.

You can extend your protection to other territories later, keeping the priority (filing date) of your original UK application. Find out more about International Trademarks and the Madrid Protocol.

 What’s Next?

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