Choose a UK or an EU Trademark (Note: EU includes the UK)

Trademarks are registered by country. So, a UK registration protects you in the UK, while an EU Trademark provides protection in 28 European countries including the UK. For wider protection start with a UK or EU application, then extend it through international trademark registration. Apart from our bronze service detailed below, we have a special offer for new businesses, and here are our othertrademark registration packages.

United Kingdom

1 Class £330*

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Europe (includes UK)

1 Class £400*

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*There are also official fees to pay which you would send directly to the registry before we file your application. They are £170 for a UK application, £50 for each extra class, and for a European application 850 € for the first class, an additional 50 € for the second, and 150 € for each subsequent class.

You need at least one trademark class to cover your principal business activity, and may need more info

If you’re not sure what you need, take a look at these examples:

What if I need more classes?

Use the calculator below to work out the costs.

UK Trademark Information

Trademarks are registered on a country by country basis in “classes”, of which there are 45, categorised into goods and services. It depends on how you plan to use your trademark as to how many classes are relevant to you. For example, if you intend to sell clothes, shoes and bags and jewellery, you would need classes 25 for clothing, class 18 for shoes and bags, and class 14 for jewellery. Although the list of classes are available to view on our website it can be difficult to make sense of them as each class has thousands of different descriptions within them. So don’t worry about the details at this stage. We help you choose the classes relevant to your business. At this stage just decide whether to buy a single class or 3 for now (3 is in practice the number of classes most businesses need) and then you can always pay for more later before we file your application.

EU CTM Trademark Information

Trademarks are registered on a country by country basis in “classes”, of which there are 45, categorised into goods and services. European applications include up to 3 classes as standard, so our fees include an application covering 3 classes.

Sally's story

Sally has a limited budget, and her customers come to her to buy stationery, to have their brochures printed, and around the holidays, for greetings cards. All of these products are in class 16, so she decides that a single class UK application is enough to protect her business right now. She could also include class 40 for printing services, but decides it is not essential.

John’s story

John mostly deals with graphic design, so initially he registered his trademark in class 42. Since then, he’s branched out into video and audio production (which are in class 41), and he’s got plans to begin selling some of the software built by his team in one or two years (software is in class 9).

He wants to future-proof his business and even though it will be cheaper in the long run to register in both classes 9 and 41 now he decides to just apply for class 41 initially as his cash flow is quite tight.

Vanessa's story

Having built a fan base for organic, low calorie vegetable drinks (class 32), Vanessa has her sights set on a new range which carry vitamin supplements (class 5).

She also decides to cover classes 29 (milk based drinks), and 30 (coffee based drinks), along with class 16 to cover packaging. So Vanessa registers in 5 classes because she is seeking investment and wants to cross the t’s and dot the i’s as far as her trademark is concerned.

More Information

Trademarks are registered in different categories (or “classes”) of goods and services.There are 45 in all, classes 1-34 cover goods such as clothing, jewellery, books, software while classes 35-45 cover services such as marketing, coaching, selling, design, financial services etc. Our process involves helping you to know which classes apply to you. You can buy more classes if you want to before we file your application.

Evaluation Information

Although our free search tool should show whether certain similar marks are registered, you may not fully understand the results. For example, it could be that the mark you are intending to register is incapable of functioning as a trademark. Also, the free search may not pick up every result as it relies on public registers, which are not always reliable. Our professional searches use tools that we subscribe to, and an evaluation also gives you the benefit of a legal opinion to reduce the risks of a surprise adverse outcome. Where you intend to register a logo, our searches cover the font or graphical device used, while our evaluation and opinion will cover the words used in the logo.

Right Start Information

The Right Start option is available for UK applications if you only want to register a trademark in a single class, and want to test the Registry’s view of it before settling the remaining half of the official fees. Should the Registry object to your application, you will have £135 available to spend towards filing another trademark application. Alternatively, use it to fund a consultation with us, or to cover an initial response to the Registry’s objections. If there are no objections we will progress your application. Overall this option works out slightly more expensive than a straight UK application in one class.


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