Statutory Declaration


Certain situations don’t merit comprehensive legal assistance, either because the amount at stake is just too low, or you simply cannot afford to instruct lawyers to take care of the whole matter for you. Where there’s a dispute you may simply want to know whether you are within your rights to pursue a certain course of action. By taking advice on the issue that has arisen, you can get some legal insight and guidance to decide whether to pursue the matter for yourself, and if so what position to adopt.
We will review documentation relevant to the issue provided it is not too extensive, and take a view before fixing up a time for our litigator to discuss the matter with you in a short telephone conversation. During the consultation we will suggest what you can do yourself to try and resolve the issue, and if you have already prepared a letter to send to the other side, we will take a look at it and comment on any improvements you might make. To draft a letter or document ourselves would be a separate piece of work so this service would not allow for extensive rewriting of any documentation.


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