Brand Protection

An excellent starting point for protecting your brand is to register your business name as a trademark.

When you register a trademark with Azrights, we oversee the process from start to finish, and you won’t receive any surprise invoices. Additional fees would only arise if there were a third party objection to the application, and these would be agreed with you in advance.

We offer an array of trademark watch services and other brand protection options which you may want to take up. Registering your trademark is not the end of the line – you need to be vigilant to find out whether someone else tries to use or register the same or a similar trademark to yours. You may want to take steps to oppose their registration.

Our brand protection measures enable you to hear about problems quickly. They help you:

  • Find out about new applications for conflicting trademarks
  • To send an initial letter to applicants
  • Stay informed of new domain name registrations which could damage your brand
  • Register your trademark with the domain name authorities, to deter potential cybersquatters

The most important first step though is to protect your business by registering your trademark.

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