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What is Copyright?

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Copyright is a wide-ranging subject, and relevant to many creative and non-creative industries.  It is arguably the most universal of IP rights, covering written materials, music, art, logos, and computer programs, to name a few.  It protects most visual brand elements, such as logos, packaging and websites, though it may also be possible to register […]

Protecting the Shire: Fry and McKellen step in to save the Hobbit

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Some may see it as unwarranted bullying, while others say it is to be expected.  Either way, the publicity arising from recent allegations of IP infringement have certainly thrown The Hobbit pub in Southampton firmly into the limelight.  The Saul Zaentz Company, owners of rights to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings brands, among […]

Apple sues Samsung for copyright infringement

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Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly copying its iPhone and iPad devices in its products, specifically Samsung’s Galaxy range. The lawsuit was filed last Friday, April 15, and claims Samsung has infringed Apple’s copyright and patents. Apple consider that Samsung has copied the ‘look and feel’ of both its iPad and iPhone. Samsung fight back […]