Sony Ericsson withdraws from dispute with Clearwire

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There has been a new update on the Sony Ericsson trade mark dispute with Clearwire. In our previous blog we wrote about how Sony Ericsson sued Clearwire over the latter’s use of a similar green logo. Sony was concerned that Clearwire’s green swirl logo was getting closer to theirs. This came to a head when Clearwire, predominately known for pioneering 4G network services, indicated that it wished to bring out their own smart phone and therefore start competing directly with Sony Ericsson. For Sony Ericsson this was the final straw and they took legal action to protect their position.

However, the latest development is that Clearwire have made a representation to Court that they no longer wish to provide phones. Sony Ericsson have therefore decided to withdraw their legal action.

Sony Ericsson made the following official statement: “since Clearwire also previously announced it would enter the field of mobile devices by launching a smartphone, Sony Ericsson brought the litigation in January 2011 and sought a preliminary injunction against Clearwire to prohibit its further use of the logos. In response, Clearwire represented to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia that it had no present intention to launch a smartphone. This representation effectively provided Sony Ericsson with much of the emergency relief it sought.”

It has been said that Clearwire’s decision to withdraw from the smartphone market was also to side step confrontation with another competitor.