UK Trademark

Trademarks are registered on a country by country basis, so a UK registration protects your business in the UK only, but not in Ireland or other countries.  You can register any names or  logos your consumers recognize you by. Trademarks are also registered against different classes of goods and services. There are 45 different classes, and you can find more information via the button below:

If you have an ecommerce site, or intend to use your trademark in 2 or more EU countries, then an EU Trademark will be the best option.  Alternatively, if you will only use the brand in the UK, then you can find pricing and more information about UK trademarks below.

Features Bronze Silver Gold
 Help to discover the right classes Yes Yes Yes
 Application drafted in one class Yes Yes Yes
 Overseeing application through to registration Yes Yes Yes
 Sending you the certificate Yes Yes Yes
 Evaluation (legal opinion)* No Yes Yes
 Application extended to two further classes* No Yes Yes
 Brief response to registry objection* No Yes Yes
 Email access to lawyers for simple queries beyond the FAQs* No Yes Yes
 Telephone call with lawyers to discuss classes* No Yes Yes
 Searches of up to 2 names when picking a name No Yes Yes
 Searches of 6 shortlisted names when branding No No Yes
 Search result telephone call with lawyers* No Yes Yes
 Free second search in case of adverse results No Yes Yes
 International identical search to establish if the brand can be used worldwide No No Yes
 Mandatory official and related charges Yes Yes Yes
 Advice about copyright, designs, patents, know-how, domain names, database, websites No No Yes
 Help to identify your IP and understand steps to take to protect it No No Yes
 Meeting/Telephone call with lawyers to discuss your business’ IP position as a whole No No Yes
 IP strategy and risk management checklist to help you set your IP strategy No No Yes
 Application in one class £420 £1,250 £1,950
 Application in three classes £630 £1,250 £1,950
 Choose a Package Get Started Enquire for Silver Enquire for Gold

*Items marked  with an asterisk may be purchased separately through our eStore

We offer a bespoke package for clients with a portfolio of trademarks, pricing will depend on the size of the portfolio.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks set your products and services apart from those of your competitors.  Your trademark might be a single word like APPLE, or a series of words, such as ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH.  The names of your products and services are also trademarks, for example IPOD, or GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.

Registering a trademark in the UK generally gives you powerful rights to prevent unfair competition by your competitors, provided what you have registered is not vulnerable to cancellation – as it would be if someone else objects that it clashes with their existing rights.  What you register should also be capable of functioning as a trademark.  If you have registered a word and logo combined that does not necessarily mean that the word element of your registration has been accepted as capable of functioning as a trademark. Your registration would protect you only if someone else used both a similar word and similar logo to yours.

You can find out more here: Trademark Guide.

How do I register a UK Trademark?

Trademarks are registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office, and the process takes between 3-6 months from the date we file your application, assuming that it proceeds smoothly through to registration.  The Intellectual Property Office maintains a database of registered UK trademarks, which is open to public inspection, and before filing an application it is important to look at the registers to make sure your trademark is available. We strongly advise you NOT to register your own trademark, and instead to use a professional trademark service.

When you buy a trademark from us, we begin by finding out more about your plans for the brand, and help you decide which trademark classes your application should cover.  Most clients also purchase an evaluation, which means we do a trademark search covering the UK trademark register, and the register of EU Trademarks and give an opinion on your trademark alerting you to any problems your application may encounter.

After we submit your application, it is examined by the UK Intellectual Property Office to ensure that it meets the criteria for registration as a trademark, before being published for trademark opposition purposes for 2 months, so that other trademark owners can decide whether they would like to object.  Assuming that no objections are raised, it is placed in a queue to be registered, and we post you the certificate.

It’s possible to reserve a trademark for up to five years before using it, and once your trademark is registered in the UK, your protection can last indefinitely, as long as you continue to use it and renew your registration every 10 years.

Where Should I Register?

If you only plan to use your trademark in the UK, then a UK trademark is the right option. On the other hand, if you plan to sell to customers elsewhere within Europe then registering an EU Trademark makes sense, and gives you protection in 28 EU countries.

If you will be selling goods and services outside the EU, for example via your e-commerce site, then registering a UK trademark may be a good starting point combined with more thorough international searching.  You can extend your protection to other territories such as the EU later, keeping the priority of your original UK application filing date. Find out more about International Trademarks and the Madrid Protocol.

What Should I Register?

Your priority should generally be to own the rights over your brand name, as that is what customers and others will use to refer to your business.  Whether or not a word can be protected as a trademark should be one of the factors which influences your choice of a brand name.

You should check that you can use a name, and that it is capable of functioning as a trademark before spending resources on branding and marketing. Contrary to popular belief, a domain or company registration does not necessarily entitle you to use a name for your business.

What Next?

We have appropriate solutions to register your trademark whether you are an early stage business or have more substantial needs. Our price table at the top of this page indicates our different options. The Bronze service is a budget solution and enables those looking to economise to buy a high quality service at an affordable price.  Extra classes can be purchased later if desired. On the other hand, the Silver option is suitable for busy entrepreneurs who just want to buy a service that is tailored to suit their needs.  It’s for people who do not want to waste time looking through complicated pricing information trying to work out how much a registration service will cost them.  We’ve put together a package which our experience of registering trademarks for hundreds of businesses over the years, has led us to know is suitable. It includes everything you need, such as advice, a legal assessment of the name, or logo, drafting your trademark in the 3 classes relevant to you, and if there are small issues arising during the trademark registration process, you won’t need to agree extra fees for us to handle them, as it’s all included.  The Silver option is also flexible enough to let you just add extra classes later should you need more than three.

For more information read our trademark guide.  Then, once you are ready to register, you can use our trademark costs calculator to find out our bronze service prices.  Alternatively, submit an enquiry to get more information about our silver service or portfolio management services.