Trademark Solicitors

We offer the A to Z of trademark services. You will want to use experienced trademark solicitors, whether you want:

  • to register your trademark
  • get help with a potential trademark dispute involving a name or logo
  • assistance to handle a trademark opposition at the Intellectual Property office or at OHIM
  • need to license or assign your trademark

We can help you protect what is likely your most important asset when your business succeeds.

The benefit of using our trademark solicitors is that you get:

  • professionals who have on average completed 10 years of study and training before qualifying as solicitors. So they have the training and commercial know-how to support your legal needs.
  • highly experienced and specialist skills
  • a quality registration for your business if that is the service you opt for
  • Fixed fees for most work, and no surprise invoices
  • for trademark registration the fixed fees cover the entire registration process right through to registration (you only pay more if there is a third party objection to your trademark)
  • the benefit of our gold plated insurance for added peace of mind
  • extensive practical knowledge and expertise in trademarks and intellectual property rights
  • access to highly developed processes, which make trademark registration and other services easy for you.

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What’s Next?

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