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We provide the full range of trademark services on this site and via our main intellectual property site at If you don’t find a service you’re looking for in the list below, call us or visit our main site where all our services are detailed.

Trademark searches

Before you start using a name or commissioning marketing materials and registering domain names, it is important to have a trademark search to make sure your use of the name will not infringe on someone else’s rights. Otherwise, you may have to rebrand, recall products, surrender your domain name, and even pay compensation to someone with earlier rights in the name.  We also offer logo searches, and you can find out more here: Trademark Search.

UK trademark registration

Trademarks set your products and services apart from those of your competitors.  Our UK trademark registration service is the way to secure powerful rights to prevent unfair competition by your competitors. All of our trademark registration packages include a basic initial search, help choosing trademark classes, and overseeing your application through to registration and sending you the certificate.  Once granted, we’ll send you the trademark certificate and provide advice on how to make the most of your registered trademark.  Read more: UK Trademark.

European trademark registration

Although it is more expensive than just registering your trademark in the UK, EU trademark registration protects you in 28 countries within the European Union.  So, if your business will sell online, or otherwise have a European presence, it is best to opt for an EU Trademark.

International trademark registration, including under the Madrid Protocol

Once you have filed your UK or EU trademark, we can help you extend your protection internationally either through the Madrid Protocol, or through our global network of local agents. There are important deadlines you will need to meet, and we will keep you in the loop with reminders.  Find out more about International Trademarks and the Madrid Protocol.

Trademark licensing

Licensing allows you to retain ownership of your trademark, while at the same time allowing someone else to use it. It is a great way to introduce another revenue stream to your business, for example by permitting a distributor in another country to market your products if you don’t have the capacity to do so yourself.  Licensing agreements take many shapes and forms, and we can help you to monetise your trademarks, but at the same time retain control of your brand and how it is used.  Read more about how we can help with Licensing.

Trademark watching

Once you have registered your trademark, you need to remain vigilant to avoid a competitor registering a trademark which is similar to yours. Our trademark watch and brand protection services ensure you are alerted to new trademark applications which could pose a problem.  We also offer a range of additional brand protection services, to help you keep an eye on the domain and company registers.  Find out more at Brand Protection.

Trademark opposition

An opposition occurs when a party wishes to stop a trademark from being registered. It may be that you wish to oppose a competitor’s trademark application because it could cause confusion with your brand, or someone might oppose your application.  Either way, professional advice is key to ensure the best result.  Read about Trademark Opposition at

Trademark infringement

If you are concerned that someone is trying to copy your trademark, or that you are using a mark which may be similar to someone else’s, there may be an issue of trademark infringement. To avoid weakening your position, it is crucial that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. We can help you understand your legal position, and resolve disputes.  Find out more here: Trademark Infringement and Trademark Disputes.

Passing off

Passing off actions can help protect rights in your registered or unregistered trademark. If you are worried that someone has been using a trademark which may be confusingly similar to yours, you may be able to rely on an action for passing off.  However, passing off actions can be difficult and costly to prove, especially for SMEs.  It is important to seek professional legal advice in protecting the reputation of your business, and you can find out more here: Passing Off.

Trademark litigation

Litigation is the process of resolving disputes through the courts. It is generally a last resort, due to the readjustments, risks, costs and time involved in proceedings, but in certain cases it can be the only clear way to resolve a trademark dispute.  You should contact a solicitor straight away if you suspect that you might become involved in litigation, and you can find out more about the process on our main website: Litigation.

Trademark assignment (no transfer ownership)

Trademarks are intangible assets. So, although you can’t touch them, like any other property they can be bought, sold or licensed. It is important to remember that the person or business who owns the trademark is the person who is entitled to the rights under it. We can help you put in place an agreement if you wish to assign the rights in a trademark, for example if you are buying or selling a business. We’ll also make sure that the trademark registers are kept up to date, so the public knows who has rights under the trademark.  Find out more about how we can help with Intellectual Property Agreements.

Trademark portfolio management

There are steps you need to take to ensure you make the most of your trademark registration.  Along with our trademark watch and brand protection packages, we offer full portfolio management services.  You can rely on our specialist trademark solicitors to arrange for the renewal and updating of your trademark registrations, to deal with oppositions and other disputes, to advise you of new trademarks you should consider registering, and to centralise the management of your trademark portfolio.  You can find out more about the ways we can help at Trademarks.

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