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If you’re looking for a value for money, quality registration service in the UK, EU or worldwide, look no further.

Our trademark solicitors have the experience to deal with any trademark matter, and our price guarantee means we will beat any other service provider’s legal fees by 10% if you find an equivalent quality package at a lower price, and want to use us rather than them. Simply let us know and we’ll offer a 10% discount on the legal fees (excluding registry/government official fees).

Legal services are intangible, meaning you can’t assess their quality by holding them in your hand to feel the weight, or inspect the finish.  So, it’s easy to assume one provider is much the same as another.  In taking into account whether a service offers equivalent quality, we focus on the following:

Is the provider a regulated law firm?

There are many different types of providers offering trademark registration services.  Trademark work is unregulated. This means anyone can set up a trademark registration service, even if they have little experience and no background in law.  On the other hand, a trademark solicitor may have studied for over 7 years, and trained on the job for a few more before being licensed to undertake legal work. As solicitors we fall into the latter category. A good way to avoid dealing with inexperienced companies, or fly by night entities, is to use a regulated service provider, such as firm of solicitors.

Therefore, the service provider whose prices you compare to ours should be a firm of solicitors, and able to offer you the additional comfort you enjoy as a client of solicitors (as explained below).

Comprehensive help – classifications, international deadlines, brand protection

During the trademark registration process you typically need to decide in which classes to file your mark. This is such a crucial decision, which many service providers expect you to know, or at most will give you help with over the phone in the hopes of selling you their services.  Essentially though they put the onus on you to decide in which classes they are to register your mark without necessarily giving you adequate support.  Yet this is by no means a straightforward question, and it’s critical because the choice determines the scope of your protection.  Our trademark service helps you to assess the classes you need, by giving you some suggestions after you’ve answered a few simple questions using our online questionnaire.  This has been devised using our considerable experience in the field.

Therefore, in considering whether another service provider offers a comparable quality registration service, compare like with like, and find out how they support you in this decision about classes.  Also, ask them whether, even after your trademark is registered, they help you to meet deadlines, such as for international trademark protection, and send you advice about how to manage and protect your brand once your trademark is registered – all as part of the service.  We do.

Does the Price cover the whole process? Could you receive any surprise invoices?

Price will be an important factor for many business owners choosing a service provider.  But do check what the price actually covers, as registering a trademark takes a few months from the day you instruct someone to when you have the certificate in your hand.  Unfortunately, the cost of trademark registration can be confusing, with some businesses quoting official fees separately, and others wrapping them into the price.  Some trademark agents expect you to receive, review and action letters or reports from the registry yourself, and will simply file your application.  Then they will charge you just to look at any correspondence you receive from the Registry.  In contrast, we are transparent and you can find out in advance what is and is not covered by the service you buy.  We always promise no surprise invoices.

What if the service provider becomes insolvent?

When you apply to register a trademark, you part with quite large sums of money, so you want to make sure your money will be safe if the entity you’ve entrusted with your money goes bust before filing your trademark application.  You don’t want them to go under, taking your money with them.  That’s why a provider backed by insurance, such as the gold plated insurance cover which all law firms are obliged to carry is in a different league.  Not only are you protected if the company you pay your money to becomes insolvent, but more likely to happen in practice, is if they get it wrong, you are protected and can recover any losses you suffer, such as if you have to rebrand.

Do they have insurance that protects your interests if something goes wrong?

Insurance to protect your interests is key, so make sure if you compare our prices with someone else’s that they really are insured so your interests are safeguarded.

Many early stage businesses may be tempted to go with the cheapest solution they come across, in the mistaken assumption that there is little else to choose between providers.  Some even wonder  why pay others  to help them register a trademark when it seems easy enough to register their rights themselves.  But what if you get it wrong?  We often see businesses that have wasted the official fees because of various mistakes.  Even where they secure a registration, it is only if something goes wrong and they need to rely on their registration that they realize there was a fatal defect in their registration.  Trademarks are business assets, and just like when you buy land, there is merit in paying for someone to help you with the transaction.  The consequences could be devastating for your business if and when a mistake comes to light.

Having to withdraw your products and services from the market, with all the disruption and cost that that entails could be the final straw for many time starved SMEs, so don’t do your own legal work for something as important as your brand name.  By using a firm of solicitors like us, who are backed by insurance, you have peace of mind, because even in the unlikely event that we make a mistake, our insurance cover will pay out and protect you against loss which could be quite considerable.  Having to rebrand because you are infringing on someone else’s rights can be very wasteful of your time.

These are just some of the considerations to bear in mind when deciding who provides comparable value for money, and quality to us.

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