Trade Mark Searches

Our charge to provide a legal opinion on UK or EU search results is £250 plus VAT.

We would review existing registrations in detail and assess whether they impact on your application.

Trade marks afford a wide scope of protection, so another similar mark may present a problem. For example, an existing trade mark registration in any of the 28 EU countries could obstruct an EU application. To search the individual EU country registers would involve buying an international search. You may want a search if you would like to reduce the risk of filing an application which may not succeed. There are no refunds for failed applications.

Knowing about another registration before filing your application could also be useful because sometimes we can draft your application in a way to avoid a direct conflict with an existing trade mark registration.

Further searching

A legal opinion and further searching help you manage the risks. The fees indicated cover up to 3 trade mark classes are:

Legal Opinion

on Basic Free Search £250*

Purchase a Legal Opinion

Logo search

£250* plus

Purchase a Logo Search

Wider similar searching


Purchase a Wider Search

International search


Purchase an International Search

* VAT should be added to the above figures

Logo Search Information

We are also able to search the graphical element of logos. We search for logos with similar design elements. The search is worthwhile if you are registering a logo mark rather than a word on its own. We generally recommend registering both types of mark. If the logo has yet to be designed this would be a useful service for your graphic designers.

Wider Search Information

We would look for certain variations of your trade mark name. This search covers the UK and EU registers but not each of the 28 national registers of individual EU countries.

International Search Information

Our international search assesses whether there are identical marks registered in over 180 other countries worldwide. The costs to download results are £3 per download so if there are a lot of results the costs could be high. Our price includes £50 worth of results, and if there were a number of results we would help you to manage the costs and prioritise which results to review.