Logo Trademark

If you have a logo that you want to use long term it makes sense to apply to trademark the logo.  A trademark gives you ownership rights by securing your intellectual property rights.  It is an asset that increases in value as the reputation of your brand develops, and you could license or sell the logo as a property right.

A logo trademark will make it easier to prevent others from using a similar or identical logo to promote similar goods or services to those you sell.

As specialist trademark solicitors we are well placed to help you protect your logo and offer various fixed price trademark services to trademark your logo.  Visit our costs calculator to find out about our prices:

Why trademarking your logo makes sense

Some additional reasons why you may want to trademark your logo is if you sell products or goods, such as clothing, and want to affix your label to them.  If you are in an industry where customers may identify your company by its logo, then that would be a reason to trademark  your logo.

Before you trademark a logo, the first question to ask yourself is where to register? Trademarks are territorial, and there is no such thing as a worldwide trademark, so if your business is online, or otherwise international, you will want to consider where your customers are based, and what your plans are for the brand. On the other hand, if you only sell to consumers in the UK then you would trademark your logo in the UK, but if your plans involve other European countries then a European Community Trade Mark is the cost effective way to cover all 28 EU countries.

Where your plans are more ambitious, registering in the UK or EU is the first step towards wider international registration of your trademark.  Trademarking your logo is important, but remember that if your logo also includes a distinctive verbal element registration of the logo does not necessarily protect the text itself.  Depending on the name included in your logo, consider also registering a word trademark. Use our trademark costs calculator to work out the price of registering two trademarks.

Checking that the logo does not infringe

Start by establishing that your logo does not infringe on any existing rights by  obtaining a search and legal opinion.  When you trademark a logo it is protected for specific goods and services, so to ensure an accurate search and an adequate registration, let us know in advance how you intend to use the brand.  For the purpose of trademarks, goods and services are grouped into different trademark classes, for example software falls into classes 9 and 42, and legal advice is in class 45. Once we know about your business plans we can advise you of the classes in which to trademark your logo.

To trademark your logo an application is filed with the relevant official body.  Our end to end solutions take you through each step of the process so you can apply to trademark your logo with confidence.  There are risks inherent in trademarking which we will explain to you, so you can make informed decisions, and our competitive prices mean you can manage your budget and trademark a logo without being surprised by an invoice.  If additional costs might arise, we will let you know in advance, offering a fixed price for unexpected work where possible.

Our service includes all of the essential work involved to trademark a logo, from advising you of the trademark classes you ought to cover, through to drafting your application, and overseeing it through the advertisement stage and registration.  We don’t charge additional fees to post your certificate, and nor is there a fee for us to report objections from the trademark registry, so you are always kept in the loop.

What does the process involve?

The process should begin with a professional search and evaluation, so potential obstacles to registration are understood and risks minimized before we file your application.  Our searches can identify existing registrations of logos which have similar features. Also, if your logo includes verbal elements we recommend a separate name evaluation to alert you to registrations including identical words, which could also pose a problem. This intelligence will reduce the risk of a failed application and may in some cases help us to avoid a direct conflict with another mark.

Once the searches are concluded, we prepare the application to trademark your logo, and send it for you to review. Once approved, we lodge it with the appropriate registry, and oversee it through to registration.  The registry will begin by examining the application to ensure it meets the requirements for registration, and if so your application will then be published for opposition purposes.  Unless the owners of existing registrations object, during the 2-3 month “opposition period”, your trademark is registered, and we post your certificate.  The whole process takes about 5-8 months.

Design registration

If your logo is less than 12 months old, where resources allow we recommend registering the logo as  both a trade mark and a design.  You can read more about design registration, and find out about pricing on our main website Azrights.com: Design Registration.

Our specialist solicitors have experience in every aspect of registering logos, so if there is a problem we will be able to propose a way forwards.  By instructing trademark lawyers you can be confident that your registration will provide adequate cover for your business.  Our different packages enable you to choose the level of support you need to trademark your logo, so you can build your brand on solid foundations.

What Next?

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