Register a Trademark

Register a name or logo if you want to own it, protect your business, and prevent others from using it. We can help you:

  • Register a name
  • Register a logo
  • Register a company name
  • Register a business name
  • Register a trademark
  • Register a brand name
  • Register a trading name
  • Register a product name
  • Register a domain name

Where should you register a trademark?

The UK may be a good starting point, or an EU trademark could be best to get protection in all 28 EU countries, particularly if you are an online business.  Later, you can extend your trademark internationally.

How do you register a trademark?

Before we register a name, we help you assess the “classes” you need to cover. Trademark classes are used to group similar goods and services together, for example financial services fall in class 36, while clothing is in class 25. When you register a trademark it will be protected for those goods and services, so it is important that your application is prepared carefully.

Can you register a trademark?

Existing trademark registrations in similar classes can pose a problem if their owners take the view that your application conflicts.  We help you check whether you can register a trademark, and will also let you know if there is a clear reason why it doesn’t meet the legal requirements. You can carry out an initial search using the form on the right hand side of this page.

What Next?

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