Trademark Searches

Our online search is a first level trademark search. It will identify up to 50 identical trademarks which cover the UK (including EU marks).

Whether your search is carried out by a computer or by a human, it requires expert advice to interpret the results.  There may be many results, or none. However, that does not necessarily tell you whether you may or may not use your trademark.

A legal opinion, and a conversation with a specialist if you have queries on that opinion is the best way to understand the search results and manage the serious risk of using a name that belongs to someone else.

You may buy an opinion through our eStore here. We will review the existing registrations in detail and assess how they impact on your plans.
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If you are intending to use your trademark abroad, it is important to check whether you may use the name in other countries too.

International search

Our international searches assess whether there are identical marks registered in up to 180 other countries worldwide.

An existing trademark in any of the 28 EU countries mayobstruct an EU application. So, an international search would include a search of the individual EU country registers. This reduce the risk of a failed application as it may be possible to draft your application so as to avoid a direct conflict with another trademark.

Logo search

We are also able to search the graphical element of logos searching for logos with similar design elements. The search is worthwhile if you are registering a logo mark rather than a word on its own. We generally recommend registering both types of mark.

If the logo has yet to be designed a logo search would be a useful service for your graphic designers to make sure that what they design will be distinctive in your industry.