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Madrid Protocol Fee Calculator

An international trademark application brought under the Madrid Protocol needs to be based on a UK or EU CTM trademark and may only include classes covered by the original application. Decide in which countries you wish to extend your UK or EU trademark, and the number of classes. Then use this calculator to get an estimate of the official fees.

Please note the calculator only offers an estimate of the official fees to give you an indicative idea. It does not purport to give exact figures. Its purpose is to help you assess whether you would like to register in other countries under the Madrid system, and if you decide to proceed, then please send us an enquiry for a quote.

NOTE: to register directly in the countries listed below or to file in countries that are outside the Madrid system (such as South Africa, or Canada) this calculator is not at all relevant. We would file your application through local agents in those countries.

Select UK or EU trademark application

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Select countries you wish to apply for

Albania Antigua and Barbuda Armenia Australia
Austria Azebaijan Belarus Bahrain
Benelux Bhutan Bonaire Bosnia
Botswana Bulgaria China Colombia
Croatia Cuba Curacao Cyprus
Czech Republic DPR of Korea Denmark Egypt
Estonia European Union Finland France
Georgia Germany Ghana Greece
Hungary Iceland India Ireland
Iran Israel Italy Japan
Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Latvia
Leichtenstein Lesotho Liberia Lithuania
Madagascar Mexico Monaco Mongolia
Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Namibia
New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland
Portugal Republic of Korea Republic of Moldova Romania
Russian Federation Saint Martin San Mario Sao Tome
Russian Federation Serbia Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sudan Sultanate of Oman
Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic
Macedonia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine
USA Uzbekistan Viet Nam Zambia