Madrid Protocol

Trademarks are registered on a country by country basis. So, the first step is to trademark in your home country, that is the UK or EU for companies doing business in more than one EU country. We register trademarks for start-ups through to global businesses with their own in house legal teams.  There is more information about our prices and options on our UK and EU trademark pages. For all our trademarks it’s possible to commission wider international searches, such as of the US, Chinese, individual EU countries once the initial evaluation search results are available.

Once your UK or EU application is filed, you can then decide in which countries within the Madrid System you wish to register your trademark. Using the simplified application process of the Madrid Protocol system it’s possible to apply for protection in many different countries in one go using a single application form based on your UK or EU trademark. The overall costs will depend on the official government fees of the countries in which you are applying to register, and the number of classes. The official fees vary a lot from one country to another. We have an official fee calculator. Use it to get an idea of the official fees payable when you extend your UK or EU trademark to the countries listed on the page.  Then if you’re interested to register please get in touch for a quote for the legal fees:

If you will be using the mark in non Madrid countries, for example if you are  selling via your e-commerce site, to Canada, South Africa, or Hong Kong say, we can apply for a trademark on your behalf in those countries through our network of agents.

The risk of not registering in a particular country is that you infringe on somebody else’s rights leading to a need to use different branding in that country and to block sales there. It’s important to register your trademark as soon as you have sales in a particular country to prevent a local competitor securing trademark rights there. This could stop you from continuing to sell there.

What Next?

If you want to begin the process of searching your mark and applying to register a UK or CTM, then use our calculator to find out our trademark pricing: