How to register a trademark

There are a number of decisions to make before you register your trademark. For example:

  • whether to have extensive searches internationally,
  • what to register to get the right protection based on your business plans,
  • what scope of cover you need,
  • in which territories to register.

If you use us to register your trademark you can expect the process to be made easy, and to receive clear communications at all times.

Deciding where to register a trademark

Trademarks protect you in the countries in which you register them and do business. So, if your customers are UK based you may decide to register a UK trademark.

On the other hand, if you sell online and expect to have customers elsewhere, such as in Europe, then an EU trademark is what you would want to register as it protects you in 28 European countries including the UK.

If you intend to use your trademark internationally you may want to check the trademark registers in key countries first. This may be important for an international brand. We can search over 180 trademark registers worldwide for you.

After your UK or EU application to register is filed, you have up to 6 months to extend your trademark protection internationally.

How to register a trademark: classification

Trademarks are registered in particular categories of goods and services, called classes. The classes in which you need to register depend on your plans for your business. We help you decide on the classes relevant to your business.

Should you register your own trademark?

You will get better scope of protection if you use a professional who is experienced in trademarks. For your most important intangible asset you may decide it is better to pay to have a good job done.

Trademark registration is an unregulated industry. Choose you service provider carefully, and remember it’s a case of, “buyer beware”.

As a firm of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and specializing in intellectual property and trademarks, you can be assured of a quality registration that adequately protects your interests. We maintain comprehensive insurance, so if something were to wrong your interests would be secure.

For an expert trademark team who will ensure your registration has the best chance of success, and gives you the protection you need contact us.

What’s Next?

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