EU Trademark

An EU trademark protects your business in 28 European countries. If you only plan to use your trademark in the UK, you could consider a UK Trademark.

£400 – EU Trademark Application in up to 3 Classes*
1. Let us know which trademark classes, goods and services you would like to cover
2. We draft your application for your approval, before we file it with the Registry
3. Assuming a smooth application, we obtain and send you the certificate
*Prices are exclusive of VAT. £1,000 will be added in the eStore to cover bank charges, currency fluctuations, and official fees payable to the Registry.

What is an EU Trademark?

A trademark can be a word, a series of words, a logo or even a shape or a musical jingle, all of which are referred to as a ‘sign’. They help to distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors.

Registration of an EU Trademark gives you exclusive rights to your registered sign. Each European country operates its own national trademark registry, but to cover the whole of Europe in this way would involve 28 separate applications, and huge expense, not to mention the time required to manage such a project.

Through the EU trademark system, you register a trademark throughout Europe using a single application, provided that your application is not blocked by someone who has registered in one of the EU countries. So, when applying for an EU trademark it can be worthwhile carrying out a search of the national EU trademark registers.

Our service includes a basic search of trademarks which cover the UK, as part of which we will let you know what other searches may be worthwhile.

What can be registered?

Certain signs may not be registered, for example descriptive names are often unable to function as trademarks. Other issues to bear in mind before your application is filed include:

  • Generally, protecting your brand name is a priority, as it will be used by your customers and others when they refer to your business.
  • It is best to register your trademark before committing your resources to branding, design and marketing, to ensure that you can use your brand, and that it may function as a trademark.
  • If a 3rd party owns an existing trademark which conflicts with your application, they may object.
  • You can register your trademark up to 5 years before you begin using it, so it is worthwhile considering your future plans, if you would like to future-proof your registration.

Once your trademark is registered, it can be renewed every 10 years, potentially indefinitely if you continue to develop the same brand.

How do I register an EU Trademark?

As a first step, we find out how you intend to use the trademark so we can advise you on the trademark classes which are relevant.

We then draft your trademark application form for your review, before filing it with the trademark Registry. Your application will then pass through two stages:

  • Examination

    An examiner with the Registry will review your application, and consider whether it meets the requirements for registration. For example, your trademark should be distinctive.
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    EU trademarks are advertised for 3 months once they have been examined. This is to allow third parties who believe they have better rights to the trademark to come forward, if they wish to oppose it.

Once these two steps are complete, and assuming that no objections arise, your trademark is registered, and shortly afterwards we receive your certificate and post it to you.

You can extend the protection of your EU Trademark to other countries by filing an international trade mark application within 6 months. Find out more about International Trademarks and the Madrid Protocol.

 What’s Next?

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