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Barbie and Bratz – The Story Continues

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MGA Entertainers Inc. and Mattel Inc, the creators of the Barbie and Bratz dolls are set to restart their court battle which occurred initially back in 2004, when MGA first brought out their new Bratz dolls. Since the introduction of the Bratz dolls in 2001, MGA managed to sell $3.3 billion dolls and related products, […]

UK Trademarks

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Trademarks are tools to protect the reputation and goodwill of your brand. Any sign unique to your business may be registered as a trademark. The most commonly registered marks are words, logos and slogans. Trademarks give you rights in the country or territory where you register. For companies trading in UK or Europe, the first […]

The Unpredictability of Trade Marks

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This is a blog we wrote a few years back on trademarks, but explains relevant principles still true today about the nature of trademarks and the varied approaches registries may take when examining them. Registries are not required to implement the decisions of their colleagues which can often lead to slightly unpredictable results as shown below.