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Barbie and Bratz – The Story Continues

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MGA Entertainers Inc. and Mattel Inc, the creators of the Barbie and Bratz dolls are set to restart their court battle which occurred initially back in 2004, when MGA first brought out their new Bratz dolls. Since the introduction of the Bratz dolls in 2001, MGA managed to sell $3.3 billion dolls and related products, […]

Microsoft and Apple in ‘app store’ Trademark Registration Dispute

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Microsoft is contesting Apple’s attempt to trademark the name ‘App Store’, claiming that the name is too generic. In 2008 Apple applied to trademark this name for its iPhone, iPad and Mac download services. However, Microsoft has asked the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject this trademark, as the term is one that can […]

Trade mark opposition by London Underground

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Trademarks are registered against classifications, meaning they permit you to use the brand for certain pre defined activities. You set the business categories you wish to use for your trade mark in your application. This means the scope of your rights in the name or logo is limited. There are 45 classes of goods and […]