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Azrights Solicitors specialises in the A to Z of Intellectual Property rights, hence the name. It has focused on trademark registration since 2005. The firm’s main site is at Azrights.com

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When you use us you can expect the highest quality trademark and brand protection advice at affordable prices. See our Services page for the range of trademark services we offer. Our trademark team are particularly experienced in brand matters affecting businesses on the internet.

More than 65 per cent of our work comes from existing clients, and a further sizeable percentage comes from referrals. We are confident you will be as happy with our service as our clients are, some of whose Testimonials are available to view on this site.

If you use us, we promise that all communications we send you will be in clear plain English. Our motto is ‘Easy Legal Not Legalese’ so whoever you deal with at Azrights is committed to explain trademarks and intellectual property in an accessible style that is free of legalese. How else would you understand your options before making commercial decisions?

What I liked about Azrights is that it was very straightforward. Everything was explained in a very simplistic way, which I can then explain to everybody else on my team.
Richard Coates – Stars Gyms Ltd

Our team of lawyers, trainee and paralegal staff is headed by Shireen Smith a solicitor who qualified in 1985. Shireen Shireen Smith, Trademark Solicitor

  • began focusing on trademarks early in her career.
  • as an in house lawyer at Reuters in the 1980s and a lawyer at Eversheds in the 1990s she developed a good grasp of the IP issues relevant to blue chip companies.
  • as founder of Azrights since mid 2005, she understands the needs of businesses of all sizes having worked with start-ups as well as substantial SMEs.
  • advises on the intellectual property needs of all size of business particularly as regards their digital operations.
  • brings extensive practical experience of trade marks, as well as solid academic credentials, holding a Masters in Intellectual Property law from London University.
  • is author of the bestselling book, Legally Branded ,which was published in 2012, and has a number of 5 star reviews on Amazon.
  • has also written many articles and been published by the Society for Computers and Law, Caritas, Bloomsbury, Informa and others.
  • frequently speaks at events for entrepreneurs, branding professionals and lawyers on trademarks, domain names, and other brand matters.
  • is consistently praised for the depth of her expertise and for her pragmatic, accessible advice.

Other members of the team include

Erica Dutton

Erica Dutton is the  Azright specialist in patents involving technology and telecommunications, having a degree in physics from Imperial College and a MSc in medical physics from Aberdeen University. She is also a European (and Chartered) Patent Attorney, having qualified in 1986. She has worked primarily in industry but has significant experience in private practice, having spent three years with one of the largest Australian firms (Davies, Collison, Cave). She was the first British patent attorney to pass all the Australian exams at first attempt. Returning to the UK, she joined BT with responsibility in opto-electronics and software-based inventions, being one of two attorneys tasked with developing a software-based patent portfolio. In 1998 she became Head of Patents and thus one of a team of three running the firm’s Patent Division, deciding to become independent in 2001. Since then, she has provided patent services to a wide range of clients, from independent inventors to large corporates, in a wide range of technologies including: fixed, Internet and mobile network-based systems and communications, equipment, software and devices; information processing, imaging and artificial intelligence; optoelectronics and medical physics equipment; engineering and mechanical equipment.

Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison is head of the Azright Patent department, and has a doctorate in chemistry from Oxford University and is a European (and Chartered) Patent and Trademark Attorney with over 35 years experience in Intellectual Property. He has worked in several leading IP practices including Boult Wade Tennant, Urquhart Dykes & Lord, DLA Solicitors and Harrison Goddard Foote. His fields of interest embrace  patents (including mechanical and chemical), trademarks and registered designs. He manages the IP of a significant international company and advises that company and others on IP strategy. He believes that while patents may often be seen by inventors and businessmen as mysterious, this is mainly due to the jargon involved. The job of the patent attorney is to translate the complex language in which patents are framed into simpler every day language.  Also the complex array of choices available at different stages of UK and foreign patent applications should be presented in a manner that the client can understand well enough to make informed commercial decisions.  These decisions can have a major impact on the success or failure of the business.  Michael is a Past President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is Head of IT and Internet systems at Azrights. He has worked for a variety of Blue Chip and Consulting firms, with particular experience in the financial market, and over the last 6 years with SMEs.

His experience encompasses managing multi million pound development programmes but is equally comfortable helping smaller businesses take advantage of internet technology to enable growth and improve efficiency

Diana Koch-Blackman

Diana Koch-Blackman graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of the Arts degree in 2008. Diana then won a scholarship to study law at the University of Richmond, School of Law where she graduated with a Juris Doctorate and obtained a certificate in Intellectual Property.

Diana was then selected to clerk for the Honourable Patrick R. Johnson, in the Circuit Court of Buchanan County under the Supreme Court of Virginia where she worked for 18 months before moving back to Toronto, Canada where, among other things, she worked for Ebay inc.

Diana is a member of the Virginia State Bar and enjoys practicing in the areas of international trademark and copyright law.

Diana recently relocated to the UK and joined the Azrights team as a Paralegal, and hopes to take the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer test in order to practice as a solicitor soon.

Emanuele Scialo

Graduating from Brunel Law School in 2010, Emanuele went on to complete the Legal Practice Course at City Law School. He was one of the top ranking pupils in his class, achieving a distinction.

Intellectual property formed the focus of his academia, as he studied it at degree level and  during the Legal Practice Course.

Emanuele joined Azrights Solicitor as a Paralegal recognising and understanding that intellectual property in the digital world plays a central role for business. He aspires to be an expert in this niche and aims to provide quality service to all our clients.

When time allows, Emanuele enjoys hiking, photography, and music which he both plays and listens to. He also likes experiencing new cultures.

Paige Norman

Paige is an Administrative Assistant at Azrights. She joined us after finishing her studies as a legal secretary. Paige has a great knowledge of Social Media and IT, and is learning a lot more about IP along the way. Azrights has given Paige an opportunity to learn whilst she works, and she enjoys picking up new skills in her job.

Away from work Paige enjoys fashion, swimming, travelling and new experiences.

Azrights are members of the Law Society, the International Trade Mark Association (INTA), and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

By contrast many providers of trade mark services are unqualified. Did you know that you can check whether a firm or individual is a solicitor by checking them out on the Law Society’s website.

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A note about spelling: In the UK ‘trademark’ is written as two words while in the US it is spelt as a single word.  For search engine purposes we try to use trademark’ but may occasionally use both forms of spelling, mainly because force of habit results in our spelling it as two words.